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Salvatore Attardo, Ph.D.

Salvatore Attardo, Ph.D.Sal is Full Professor of Linguistics.

He has published two books, co-authored a textbook and edited and co-edited several volumes and special issues of journals. He has published more than seventy-five papers in semantics and pragmatics in many journals such as the Journal of Pragmatics, Pragmatics and Cognition, Intercultural Pragmatics, Discourse Processes, Linguistics and Literature.

His research interests in computational linguistics are oriented toward the application of ontological semantics to various intelligent search problems (e.g., image recognition, ontology augmentation). He has done consulting work for computational semantics projects, including work for New Mexico State University’s Computing Research Lab, for ICT-IRST, in Trento, Italy, and for Hakia Co., New York.