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2018 ISHS AI Humor Panel

Deadline: 3/31/2018
  • Kiki Hempelmann (OST Lab, Texas A&M University-Commerce)
  • Julia M. Rayz (Purdue University & OST Lab, Texas A&M University-Commerce)
  • Tristan Miller (Technische Universität Darmstadt & OST Lab, Texas A&M University-Commerce)
  • Max Petrenko ( & OST Lab, Texas A&M University-Commerce)
  • Tony Veale (University College Dublin)

(See our poster here!)

This panel solicits submissions on the implementation of humor detection and generation systems in artificial intelligence environments. Humor as a universal and ubiquitously used human ability has proven to be among the hardest to simulate in these environments. But progress is continuous and should be reported on at the most important international conference on humor. The main field contributing the humor and AI is natural language processing, aka. computational linguistics, where currently deep learning methods are de rigueur. But these are more successful at visual processing than symbolic systems, which are the basis of humor. Simpler tasks, like template-based joke generation and rule-based or machine-learned joke detection, are seeing more recent advances. Beyond these narrower approaches, any researcher in artificial intelligence and humor from any field should feel welcome to this panel.