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University Ethics & Compliance

"Mitigating risks and creating a culture of accountability through education."  University Compliance Office

The Ethics & Compliance Office oversees the University Compliance Program, ensuring the institution is following federal and state regulations, as well as Texas A&M University System regulatory standards. To do this, the office works with other system offices and members to establish and maintain an effective, system-wide ethics and compliance program. The Ethics & Compliance Office certifies that policies and procedures are being followed and that behavior in the organization meets the standards set forth in applicable laws and the institution’s commitment to integrity. System and University Ethics and Compliance responsibilities are defined in System Policy 16.01, System Regulation 16.01.01, University Procedure 16.01.01.R0.01, and in the Texas Education Code Section 51.971, Compliance Program.

Strategic Planning in 5 Steps

5 Steps

The main objective of the Compliance Office is not to find fault or to provide a solution, but to facilitate a solution through understanding what is required.

The University Compliance Office is located in the McDowell Administration Building room 259.