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Ethics Point Hotline

Report Risk, Fraud, & Misconduct

"Do The Right Thing"

Everyone has a responsibility to support and promote a safe and ethical environment.  As part of team A&M-Commerce, it is our responsibility to report fraudulent, wasteful or abusive activities. If you have factual information that identifies a member of our University participating in these types of activities, we ask that it be reported.

Examples of reportable issues include the following:

  • Theft or Fraud
  • NCAA Violations
  • Threats of Violence
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Harassment or Discrimination
  • Misuse of A&M System Resources or Information
  • Violations of Safety Rules or Environmental Laws

We always recommend resolving a concern through the appropriate administrative channel whenever possible, but we recognize this is not always an option.  In such circumstances,  we encourage the utilization of the Risk, Fraud and Misconduct Hotline so that the concern can be properly addressed.  Please note the Hotline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To report such activities, call the A&M System Risk & Misconduct Hotline at 1-888-501-3850 or submit a report via the Internet at the System's Risk & Misconduct Hotline.  In addition, another option is to call the State Auditors Office at 1-800-892-8348 or submit a report via the Internet at

For further information, please reference System Policy 21.04, System Regulation 21.04.01 and System Policy 07.01 located below.

A&M System Policy:  10.02 Control of Fraud, Waste and Abuse

A&M System Regulation:  10.02.01 Control of Fraud, Waste and Abuse

A&M System Policy:  07.01 Ethics