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2019 Special Issue InfoSec

We're co-editing a special issue of the Journal Multimodal Technologies and Interaction on "Applied Computational Semantics in Information Security".

The past few decades have seen an explosive growth in the use of computers around the world.  Lagging behind the initial uptake of computing devices was an appreciation for proper information security. Now individuals and organizations alike realize the lengths they have to go to protect their information and computing devices.

Whole industries now exist around network perimeter defence and secure coding practices. However, effective protective measures for human users are missing. Attackers recognize this fact and continue to make effective use of email phishing to gain initial access to a target network. Meanwhile, intelligence analysts are deluged by more unstructured, human language data than they can ever process manually. These are problems where computational semantics can play a role in solving. Modern approaches to computational semantics vary widely. Some solutions use formal, structured representations while others use distributional techniques like vector space models.

This Special Issue collects novel, state-of-the-art research into computational semantics. The selected articles present a range of approaches to computational semantics and information security problems. A diversity of information security problems and computational semantics techniques are desired.

Dr. Christian F. Hempelmann
Dr. Courtney Falk
Ms. Lauren M. Stuart
Guest Editors

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