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Guangbing Yang , Ph.D.

Guangbing Yang

Dr. Guangbing Yang is a Lead Data Scientist in a startup company. Prior to that, he worked as a Data Scientist at NTENT Inc. in California, and a System Analyst and Researcher at the University of Alberta, Canada, University of Eastern Finland, Finland, and Athabasca University, Canada. He participated in the research project: NSERC/iCORE/Xerox/Markin Industrial Research Chair in Adaptivity and Personalization in Informatics, funded by Canadian government and other organizations. He earned his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from University of Eastern Finland. His work has been dedicated to advancing research on the field of natural language processing and understanding, machine learning, and deep learning. Areas of his research interests include multi-document summarization, named entity recognition, image processing, information retrieval, statistical natural language processing, neural networks and deep learning, student modeling for artificial intelligent tutoring systems and content processing technology within the educational context.