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Bill De Smedt

Bill De Smedt

Bill DeSmedt has a quarter century’s experience architecting the data structures, algorithms, and heuristics that enable computers to reason about targeted subject-matter domains the way humans do, and integrating the resulting knowledge engine with lexicons, parsers, discourse analyzers, and language generators to deliver production-ready Intelligent Conversational Agents.

Bill has leveraged those skills in creating MetaLang™: a knowledge-based, language-independent, fully authorable conversational agent technology, which employs state-of the-art natural language processing and knowledge representation capabilities to simulate a variety of personalities, each able to hold up its end of a conversation.

Bill brings to this work a strong background in systems design and development for the telecommunications, government, and information services domains. A hands-on linguist, he speaks Russian and German fluently; Italian — not so much.

No stranger to the content creation side of things, Bill is a published author with two published novels (Singularity, 2004 and Dualism, 2014) to his credit. He’s also written, in his copious spare time, a smattering of journal articles and seminar papers on the more theoretical aspects of knowledge engineering, and a blog on English grammar, usage, and writing style featuring passages from the works of Dan Brown as cautionary examples.