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Centralized Master Bid List (CMBL)

The State of Texas maintains a Centralized Master Bid List (CMBL) to assist state agencies in finding vendors to fulfill their procurement needs. The CMBL also helps state agencies find HUB vendors. To search the CMBL, follow the below steps.

CMBL Search

  1. Go to the Texas Procurement and Support Services (TPASS), formally the Texas Building and Procurement Commission Web Page— 

  2. Scroll Down and click on “Search the CMBL”.

  3. Scroll Down and enter the first three numbers of the commodity codes in the “Class Code” field and the second two number of the commodity codes (see above list) in the “item” field.

  4. Scroll Down and click on “Submit Search”.

  5. On the “Select Field For Detail Search” page, check the “Ethnicity” box and “Gender” box by clicking the box (you will see a check mark).

  6. Click on “Go”.

  7. View the results of your search on the “Results for CMBL plus HUB Search” page. To get the complete information of a vendor, click on the vendor’s company name.

  8. HUB vendors are identified by the following initials: BL/M, BL/F, AI/M, AI/F, AS/M, AS/F, WO/F, HI/M, and HI/F.

  9. Repeat steps 4 thru 8 for each vendor search.

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