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Obtaining Approval for Research and Teaching Activities With Animals

The TAMU-C IACUC Review Process

The Principal Investigator (PI) of a research or teaching protocol involving the use of animals must submit their protocol application and corresponding documents to obtain approval to conduct any research, testing and/or teaching that involves animals. The PI will have certain responsibilities that must be met.

All forms are to be sent to

Research Compliance will verify that all necessary training has been completed and certificates of completion have been submitted. All documentation must be submitted before the protocol is sent to the IACUC. 

All participants on the protocol are required to participate in the Occupational Health and Safety program.  Health and Safety Questionnaires must be completed and approved.

A protocol number will be assigned after Research Compliance has verified training for all PI’s, staff & students.

All protocols will be reviewed by either full committee review (FCR) or designated member review (DMR).

a)  Full Committee Review (FCR) is a process of IACUC review where all IACUC members are provided with the proposed research document(s) and requires a convened meeting of a quorum (>50%) of the IACUC members to take actions on the proposed research document(s).

b)  Designated Member Review (DMR) is a process of IACUC review where all IACUC members are provided with the proposed research document(s) and, if no member requests that document receive a full committee review, the Chair designates two members to review the proposed research document(s).  The designated members have authority to approve, require modifications, or request a full committee review.

After review of the protocol, the IACUC may take on of several actions as defined below:

  1. Approval - The IACUC determines the review criterion was met and the PI may begin experiments or procedures as described in the protocol.
  2. Modifications required for approval - The IACUC determines that the protocol may be approved contingent upon receipt of a very specific modification.  This action results in the protocol being sent to DMR or administrative approval.
  3. Withhold approval - The IACUC determines the review criterion was not met.

Below are the steps to follow regarding submitting a protocol.

Step 1

Prepare to Submit Your Protocol Application

  1. Complete online trainings for Responsible Conduct of Research and Laboratory Animal Welfare through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) program (research, teaching or testing only).

  2. Download the IACUC Protocol Review Checklist for your use in following all of the correct procedures.
  3. Complete an Animal Care & Use Protocol (AUP) Application form and submit it to the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) through the Research Compliance office via email.

  4. Complete the Protocol Risk Assessment Questionnaire.

  5. Submit the completed protocol application and the Protocol Risk Assessment form via email to or hand deliver to Research Compliance in Velma K. Waters Library 225B.

  6. Each participant listed on the protocol must complete the Occupational Health & Safety Program Questionnaire.  Important note: the information in the questionnaire is confidential. Each participant must hand deliver their form to the Research Compliance office in Velma K. Waters Library 225B.

Use of animals is defined as any activity involving vertebrate animals in which the natural life style or movements of the animal is materially altered. All research, testing, teaching, or any other use involving animals, animal carcasses, tissues, and fluids must be approved through a protocol by the Institution Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).  

An individual certifies the following when signing the animal use protocol application:

  1. Discomfort and injury to animals will be limited to that which is unavoidable in the conduct of valid scientific research or teaching.

  2. A veterinarian will be consulted when potentially painful procedures are to be performed.

  3. Licenses and permits for collecting wild animals (if appropriate) will be obtained and are attached to the protocol application.

  4. Letter of Assurance, and all applicable state and federal laws governing animal welfare will be followed.

  5. All personnel will be appropriately trained, educated about, and provided with appropriate protective equipment when working with animals and any associated hazards.

  6. Any work with animals is limited specifically to what is approved in the approved protocol application.

  7. Will abide by all Standard Operating Procedures SOPs, rules, regulations and policies for research.

Protocols should be submitted to the IACUC in advance for review. Please refer to our calendar for the IACUC meeting schedule and deadline for protocol submissions.  

If you are unsure if your project involves the use of animals, contact the Research Compliance at