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IACUC-Research with Animals

Texas A&M University-Commerce requires all individuals (faculty, staff, and students) using animals, regardless of purpose (teaching, research, testing, boarding or other use of farm animals), location, or funding source, to complete the following before beginning any activities that involve animals.

Obtaining Approval for Research, Teaching, Testing or any Other Activities With Animals

Protocols should be submitted to the IACUC in advance for review. If you are unsure if your project involves the use of animals, contact the Chair of the IACUC at

IACUC Meeting
Schedule & Deadlines for Submission

Step 1:  Prepare to Submit Your Protocol Application

Step 2:
  Administrative Review
Step 3:  Committee Review
Step 4:  Approval Outcome
Step 5:  Changes to a Protocol
Step 6: Closure of a Protocol (Note: Close out forms must be submitted                  no later than 30 days after the research is completed.)

Training Information and Requirements

Processes and Procedures for Animal Care and Use at A&M-Commerce


Occupational Health and Safety Program


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