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IRB-Research with Human Participants

Texas A&M University-Commerce is committed to the protection of human subjects involved in research and other scholarly activities conducted by our faculty, staff or students.

Human Subjects research and other scholarly activities are defined as systematic investigations designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge, which involves the collection of data from or about living human beings.  In addition, all student research activities involving human subjects outside of the classroom are considered to be in this category. All research and other scholarly activities involving human subjects are required to be reviewed and approved by Texas A&M University-Commerce’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) prior to initiation of data collection. This requirement applies to all human subjects research and other scholarly activities conducted by faculty, staff, and students, on- and off-campus, regardless of the funding source, if any, for the project.

Research Training

Texas A&M University-Commerce rquires all individuals conducting/participating in research projects or working on externally funded projects to complete training for Responsible Conduct in Research. This requirement is met by the successful completion of online training modules from the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) website. Notification of completed training is automatically updated to the IRIS system that you will use to submit your IRB application. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER AND BEGIN YOUR TRAINING.



FAQs for Researchers

Use of Student Educational Records for Research

Using Incentives

Research Involving Deception or Concealment

Classroom Research Projects

Data Retention and Destruction: Video and Audio Data

Protocol Submission Forms

Expedited or Full Board Application

Exempt Review Application

IRB Amendment Request

IRB Continuing Review Form


Informed Consent Online

Informed Consent Spanish Short Form

Informed Consent With Signature

Informed Consent With FERPA

Informed Child Assent

Informed Parental Consent Signed

Adult Informed Consent - Medical

Informed Consent Adult (Addendum)

Debrief Form (Deception/Concealment)