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FAQ Proposal Development

Once I know that I will do a proposal, how soon should I come to OSP?

You should notify Sponsored Programs of any planned proposal as soon as possible. We recommend at least 7 days prior to the due date, but the sooner the better. Please provide a link to or copy of the guidelines and the due date. This early notification will provide time for your liaison to read the guidelines and assist with the development of a comprehensive budget. It will also provide time for the internal approval process at the university which uses the Maestro program.

Is it necessary to work with the Grants Development staff in order to submit a grant proposal?

Yes. All external grants must be submitted by Sponsored Programs. The Proposal Development staff serves as the liaison between the grantor and the project team. We are here to assist you in all phases of the grant process. There is an internal process that includes administrative approval prior to granting submission, and we can assist in the coordination and execution of the appropriate authorization.

What is the link to Maestro research information systems software?


What are F&A (Facilities & Administrative) Costs or IDC (Indirect Costs)?

These terms mean the same thing. They are the expenses incurred with the execution of an awarded grant. They included: rent, utilities, depreciation, operations, libraries, payroll, procurement, the president's office, department expenses, sponsored projects administration, student services, and much more.

How are F&A/IDC rates determined?

The university negotiates with the government to decide the rate for the university. This is based on many factors which also include the Space Survey of the classrooms and labs.

YouTube video that explains the F&A division

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