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PSI - Proposal Submission Incentive

Sponsored Programs offers the Proposal Submission Incentive (PSI) which encourages faculty to submit proposals to external sponsors through internal funding of their research.

PSI awards are distributed monthly into a Research Incentive Account (RIA) for the PI if the submission is found to be eligible.

Funding is given even if the proposal is not awarded.

PSI award based on External Proposal Submission Total

Amount Requested  

PSI Amount  

 > = $1,000,000.00










  • PSI accounts will only be created if the proposal submitted follows the Sponsored Programs Submission Policy
  • Contracts will not be considered for PSI funds.
  • Transfers will be made monthly, into the Project Investigator's PSI account.  Example:  Proposals submitted in June will be awarded in July.
  • PSI funds will not expire if the account has substantial activity each fiscal year. If PSI accounts are found to be dormant, all remaining funds will be retrieved by Sponsored Programs.  If the account's responsible party has a larger goal in mind, they can submit a justification/spending plan as to how they are planning to spend their funds.
  • Expenditures must be related to the project.
  • PSI funding will be awarded to the PI.  They may allow any Co-PIs to allocate expenditures against the account, but that is up to the PI's discretion.
  • PSI funding will only be based on a proposal's TAMUC amount.  If a proposal has subawards, the PI will NOT receive funds based on the subawards' budget(s).  
  • PSI funds may not be used for faculty stipends. Course releases may be funded with the approval of the department chair.
  • If a PI quits or retires, the PSI account shall be closed and the remaining funds in their account will be retrieved by Sponsored Programs.  If the researcher plans to continue research as an emeritus faculty member, Sponsored Programs will leave the funds in the PSI account.
  • Modifications to any aspect of this program may be implemented at any time, as determined by the vice provost for research in consultation with the provost. Such modifications may occur through amendment of this program or through written notice to the deans of affected academic units. 


Eligible Submission Policy