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Commencement Regalia (Cap and Gown) and Merchandise

Everything you need for commencement can be purchased as shown below.​ Doctoral students should contact Vicky Turner with questions about regalia.

Texas Book Company at 903-886-5830
Graduation Fair


All questions regarding pictures shouldbe directed to Flash Photography (214) 443-9393.



**ACADEMIC DISTINCTION Medallions are provided, instead of cords, to you (at no cost) at the graduation ceremony**

*Please see below for additional information on purchasing the Master’s regalia set.

** Academic Distinction is determined using your Institutional GPA and may change once final grades have been posted.

Summa Cum Laude   3.90-4.00

Magna Cum Laude     3.70-3.89

Cum Laude              3.50-3.69

BACHELOR DEGREES Black cap, gown, AND tassel
Master of Science Gold
Master of Education Blue
Master of Business Administration Light Brown
Master of Social Work Citron
Master of Art White
Master of Music Pink
Master of Fine Arts Dark Brown
Master of Nursing Peach
Specialist in School Psychology White

Graduation regalia includes the cap and gown, as well as other distinguishing hoods, stoles and cords that denote traditions of academic achievement.

Academic tradition has prescribed robes particular to the level of degree earned: Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral. Robes and caps appropriate to the degree earned may be purchased through the University bookstore. Bookstore personnel will assist degree candidates in selecting and ordering appropriate regalia.

Decorations, Greek letters, initials, or other additions to the academic regalia should not be used. Stoles or cords should be academic in nature and are not otherwise allowed.Candy, flowers, or other decorations are not allowed over the regalia during the ceremony. Nothing should be worn over your regalia except appropriate cords or stoles.

As the graduation ceremony is a dignified tradition in which to celebrate one’s achievements, we strongly encourage students to follow the guidelines listed below. Students will be required to remove anything not appropriate for the ceremony. Failure to comply could result in dismissal from participating in the ceremony.


To enhance the dignity of the commencement ceremony, degree candidates are required to dress appropriately, particularly for the portions of clothing that are apparent under the academic robes. Nice slacks/skirts with a dress shirt or a dress that does not go below the hem of the gown are recommended. Clean, neat, comfortable dress shoes should be worn as you will be walking down a ramp.


Mortarboard caps should be worn parallel to the ground with the tassel on the left. While not encouraged, students may decorate their cap with flat, tasteful decorations. They may not have any three dimensional (3D) or other standing decorations or have any hanging decorations from the sides, back or front such as ribbons, flowers or any other hanging items.


Stoles or cords should be academic in nature and are not otherwise allowed. Greek letters, initials, or other additions to the academic regalia should not be used.