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Application Instructions

The application can be accessed through your MyLeo portal under the APPS tab. Complete the application as accurately and completely as possible.

There is a $40 graduation application fee, which does not include the cost of your cap and gown (that will need to be purchased separately). The $40 processing fee will be added to your student account at the time of application and will need to be paid before a transcript or diploma can be mailed. The fee can be paid by contacting Student Accounts at 903.886.5044 or through your MyLEO account in the LeoPay portal.


  • Make sure to enter your name as you want it shown on your diploma. If you have a suffix such as Jr. or I, II, III etc., please follow this example:
    John David Smith, Jr. or John David Smith II
  • If you do not want the suffix included at all, please mark accordingly under “omit name suffix”.
  • If you only want your middle initial rather than the full name, please follow this example:
    John D. Smith
    (make sure to include the period after the initial)
  • If you do not want your middle name listed at all, please indicate accordingly.
  • Please indicate whether you will attend the ceremony (this option is not available to doctoral students). If you change your mind prior to graduation, you can email the graduation office at
  • If you indicated you plan to attend the ceremony, you will then be prompted to enter your height and weight using feet, inches, and pounds. (A metric conversion chart has been provided for you below.) If you are a doctoral student, you will not be given the option to attend, so you will not be prompted to enter any height and weight information.
  • Make sure your student level, college, degree, and major are correct.
  • Make sure the address you enter is where you want your diploma to be mailed (unless you will be picking it up from our office).


  • Name and address changes- go to, click on forms and then choose the appropriate form. You only need to complete the personal identification change form if you have a legal name change. Other name changes such as wanting to use your full middle name rather than your initial as well as address changes can be emailed to our office.
  • Attendance changes- if you change your mind about attending/not attending the ceremony, please email us.

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Metric Conversion Chart