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Vending Machines

General Information:
There are a combination of beverage and snack vending machines located across campus in education buildings and residential living areas for your convenience.  All equipment has an associated ID number for quick reference.  You should contact the Mane Card Office to report a problem associated with a vending machine.  You can also send us an email via the message box below.  Be sure to include adequate information and a contact number.

Report a problem:
Mane Card Office
Rayburn Student Center
Room 110

What do we need to know?
Equipment ID or Box Number
Building Location
What you were trying to purchase
What problem you are experiencing
When did loss occur
What type of transaction, cash, Lion Cash or Credit Card

How can you request a refund when funds are lost?
Refunds are handled by the Financial Services cashiers located in the main foyer of the McDowell Business Administration Building.
Refund request form