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Post Approval Monitoring

Post-Approval Monitoring supports the research community by providing services that assist the investigators and their research staff to maintain compliance with institutional policies, local and state laws, and federal regulations.  It does this by:

  • Providing guidance throughout the study with on-site review, consultation regarding the study, educational service, and protocol submission assistance.
  • Providing the investigators with recommendations on improving compliance and ensuring that the research is performed using the best practices available.
  • Providing both online and face-to-face training and education for the research community
  • Providing confidential consultations and correspondence.

Post-Approval Monitoring ensures that the university maintains regulatory compliance by:

  • Conducting audits as requested by university officials.  These focus on areas of concern which are reported by whistleblowers, university faculty or students, state agencies, or federal entities.
  • Investigating reports of non-compliance.
  • Reporting continuing non-compliance to university officials and proposing actions to be taken.

Contact Glenda Denton, Research Compliance Administrator, to learn more about how Post-Approval Monitoring can benefit you, your research members, and the university as a whole.