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Awarded Vendors: Multiple vendors

Contract Term

State's Fiscal Year: September 1–August 31

Exception—If a hotel enters into an agreement after September 1, it is considered an Interim Agreement, and the term is from the date approved through August 31.

Contract Information

The TPASS contracts with hotels for discounted rates for state employees on transient travel while doing business for the State of Texas. TPASS also arranges agreements with motels, bed and breakfasts, inns etc., however, uses the word "hotel" as an all-inclusive term.

In order to be awarded a contract with the State of Texas, hotels must offer a 20-25% discount off their standard rack rates for single rooms. State contract rates are available based on the hotel's available inventory. In many instances, contract hotels have offered more than the required discount and there is no limitation on the number of rooms available to state travelers. In some instances, the contract rates may not be available during holidays or special events or lower rates may be available during low occupancy periods.

The individual hotel listing contains all the contract services offered by the contract hotel, listed as amenities. Some hotels offer free meals, airport transportation and newspapers. Hotels may extend contract rates to state employees for personal travel; however, that option is not a requirement of the agreement.

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