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Important notes about foreign travel:

The President has designated foreign travel approval to the academic deans and direct reports (non-academic). The process has been updated to include the use of Concur’s “foreign approval desks,” which include:

  • Foreign One: Operations & Safety
  • Foreign Two: Export Controls
  • Foreign Three: Academic Deans/Direct Reports (for non-academic divisions)
  • The “Request for Foreign Travel Form & Checklist” packet no longer has signatures for approval. All approvals will be completed through Concur. The form, checklist, and other documentation requested (such as itineraries, training transcripts, screenings, etc.) must be uploaded by the traveler to an Authorization Request in Concur.

The process for submitting an Authorization Request is as follows:

  1. Traveler – complete the Request for Foreign Travel Form & Checklist packet and compile any additional documentation required
  2. Traveler – create an Authorization Request in Concur
    1. Must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the date of departure. If traveling to a high risk country, submit the Authorization Request earlier to ensure that it has ample time to be vetted and approved. External Research Grant exceptions may apply.
    2. Indicate in the “Trip Purpose & Benefit whether the trip is Group or Individual travel. Additionally, provide as many details as possible (500 character limit)
    3. Traveler – Attached Request for Foreign Travel Form & Checklist packet along with accompanying documentation to the Authorization Request
    4. Traveler – Estimate the anticipated expenses (this will encumber funds for the trip from the account selected in the Authorization Request Header)
    5. Traveler – Review the Authorization Request for accuracy and submit
    6. Traveler – Concur will send an automated email notification stating that the Authorization Request has been approved. Travel can been booked at this time.

Important Information

  • The same rules and documentation apply to travel to Canada and Mexico
  • **Foreign travel must be booked through the Concur eTravel system or directly with a Corporate Travel Planners (CTP) agent when available. Travel which is unavailable to be booked through Concur or CTP must be preapproved (submit documentation with the Authorization Request). Any travel booked outside Concur or CTP will not be reimbursed without prior approval.**
  • Any Authorization Requests submitted without all required documentation will be returned to the traveler.
  • Flights should not be booked in Concur until an Authorization Request has been approved. It is important to submit your Authorization Request as soon as possible.

Travel to High Risk Countries

In accordance with the policy of The Texas A&M University System, employees traveling to high risk countries must complete an International Travel Questionnaire, and submit it with their Authorization Request.  Authorization Requests for travel to high risk countries automatically route to System Risk Management.

An updated list of countries currently considered high risk can be found on the System Risk Management website.




Student Travel/Study Abroad:


Risk Management:

Export Controls:

Thank you for your advance planning and thorough preparation. Safe travels.

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