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Teaching Tips

Here are a few strategies to keep in mind to help improve academic integrity in online exams.

Communicate Integrity

Framing expectations in a positive light can help students feel a sense of responsibility.  This could entail including an honor code statement in the instructions prior to entering the quiz, and also as a "question" which the student acknowledges when entering the exam.  

Implement Limits 

  1. Limit TIME in myLeo Online (D2L Brightspace) for the test-
    • Test takers would have to really know the material well in order to do X number of questions in Y number of minutes. 
    • This is true even for open book exams.
  2.  Limit- Availability
    • Hours instead of several days

Consider Composition of Quiz

  1. Use Question Banks, pools, and question randomization
  2. Complexity of the questions should be periodically reviewed and adjusted
  3. Include open-ended questions and reasoning questions. These are much harder to cheat on than multiple choice.  Including a few of these with higher point value can go a long way towards elevating the performance expectation on the student.

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