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Readiness for Online Courses

Taking online courses can provide a flexible way to achieve your academic goals, whether it is pursuing an entire degree or supplementing your other course work.

Succeeding in online courses takes persistence, strong time management skills, and frequently checking in on your courses.  There is no one-size fits all approach, but these three components will help you navigate your online course experience.

Below is a simple survey that will help you self-evaluate your readiness to take online courses.  This is only a guide to help you think about the areas in which you excel and those in which you may need to improve.  It is to help your decision making. 

The survey was developed by Penn State University and is nationally recognized as a means to self evaluate.  The results are completely anonymous, but you can share them with an academic advisor if you wish to do so.  There is an e-mail option at the end of the survey so you can send the results to yourself or your advisor.

Am I Ready For Online Courses?

Take the Survey (opens in a new window)

Remember, this is just a self assessment, it is not the final word in your journey with online courses.  This is just one way of helping you think through some of the various considerations.

Technical Considerations

For our Learning Management System, Texas A&M University-Commerce uses myLeo Online powered by D2L Brightspace.

You will need a computing device and reliable network access.

Here are the technical requirements:

Brigthspace LE Requirements (Opens In New Page)

Many Courses will also use synchronous meeting tools that require a microphone and/or webcam.

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