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Student Resources

Here are some student Resources

myLeo Online (D2L Brightspace for all class courses)

There is a Student Resources course in myLeo Online which provides a tutorial on how to use the tools.  Login to with your student Campus Wide ID (CWID) to access the course:

myLeo Online Course Selector-Student Resource Course Indicated

If you do not already have access to this tutorial, please e-mail and we will enroll you accordingly.

Other Tips for myLeo Online

E-Mail Instructor-  Login to a specific course and use the class list tool.

Quizzes - Submission View- to view results of quiz if instructor has released them.  There are a number of ways an instructor can set these up, so the data you view may be different from course to course.

Class Progress- Located under the "Grades" part of the navigation bar, class progress has multiple categories for students to view how they are doing.

Microsoft Office 365

Get access to Microsoft Office systems like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.  You can access them online or download individual applications to your computer.  Your account will also allow up to 1TB of one-drive storage.

Instructions (PDF) on how to create a student account with your Leomail address.  You can download finished files for sharing with instructors and students.

Download Microsoft 365 (PDF) apps to your device


Brightspace Pulse App

Brightspace Pulse is the mobile app that will show you currently enrolled courses. 

Apple App

Android App

Log in and out of Brightspace Pulse

When you initially log in to Brightspace Pulse, you can quickly find your organization by turning on your device's geolocation service. Brightspace Pulse searches for all organizations within a 55km / 34-mile radius from your current location; however, the list may not include all institutions that use the Brightspace platform. Alternatively, you can search for your organization by name. If there are no search results, type the URL for your organization's Learning Management System (LMS).

After logging in, Brightspace Pulse loads your course data by retrieving calendar events from Calendar. These events might include dates from Content, Checklist, Discussions, Assignments, and Quizzes in Brightspace Learning Environment, if instructors set due dates in these tools.

  1.  From your device, tap the  Brightspace Pulse icon.
  2.  Learn more about Brightspace Pulse by swiping left/right or   proceed to the next step by tapping Next.
  3.  Tap Pick Your School.
  4.  Enter your Brightspace Learning Environment credentials and then tap Log In.

Additional Pulse Resources

Learner Guide (PDF)

Video Overview


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