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Refund Information

Student Account Refunds

Student account refunds are commonly generated by application of financial aid, reduction of charges due to dropped classes or a withdrawal from enrollment, or a change in housing or meal plan contracts.   Student accounts with credit balances are refunded automatically.  No action is needed by the student to initiate a refund from a credit balance on their account.

Students will receive refunds by mail or direct deposit only (an exception for credit card payments is discussed below).

The University partners with BankMobile Disbursements for refund delivery.  We determine who receives a refund but delivery of refund monies is completed through BankMobile Disbursements.  Our school delivers your refund with BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution powered by BMTX. Inc.  Visit this link for more information:

Students select their refund delivery method online in MyLeo using the Refund Selection app.  When you click on the Refund Selection app - you will be taken to BankMobile Disbursments where you can select to receive your refund by check in the mail, direct deposit to your existing bank or you can open a bank account at BankMobile Disbursements and use that account for refunds.

No one is required to open a bank account at BankMobile Disbursements.  You can use your existing bank for direct deposit of refunds if you wish.

Please contact the Student Accounts Office at if you have any difficulties with the refund process.

Contact information for BankMobile Disbursements can be accessed at,

Please click on the link below to view our institution's contract with BankMobile:

All refunds require several working days to process. When a refund entry appears on your account, you should add at least three to five working days to the date shown. Your refund should then be ready for transfer to BankMobile Disbursements.  

A number of circumstances can delay refunds. If you have a past due loan or other charge from a prior semester, your refund will be delayed at least a day. There are occasional unexpected system problems that can cause refunds to be delayed as well.  

Please Note:  Students who make expenditures based on a pending refund do so at their own risk.

Refunds may be delayed and you are advised to wait until your refund check is delivered to you or your direct deposit is available in your individual bank account. The university is not responsible for any charges that you might incur due to delays in refund processing.

If a payment has been made on your account using a credit card, we will issue refunds back to the credit card used for payment first before issuing any cash refund. The university cannot issue cash refunds for credit card payments. This procedure will apply to all refunds including those generated by financial aid or scholarships. Please be aware that if someone else pays on your account with a credit card then your refund may go back to that card. Contact our office if you have any questions as to how credit card payments/refunds will work.

Refund inquiries should be directed to  We should be able to respond to your inquiry within 2 business days.

Appeal for Removal or Reversal of Charges

Students must contact the office responsible for account charges if they have questions regarding the validity of the charge. 

The Student Account Office is responsible for calculating and assessing tuition and fee charges associated with enrollment.  Students with questions as to how their tuition/fee charges were assessed may contact us at  Our office will provide an itemization of charges upon written request to

The Registrar's Office administers course drops and withdrawals and is responsible for calculating the percentage of charges refunded.   Students will need to contact the Registrar's Office if they wish to appeal charges remaining after they drop a class or withdraw from enrollment.   Please contact if you have any questions about the drop or withdrawal procedure and how the refund percentage for tuition/fees is calculated.

Please go to the following link for more information about drops and withdrawals:

Refunds for Dropped Classes and Withdrawals

The Office of Residential Living and Learning administers housing and meal plan contracts.  As such, they are responsible for calculating student account charges associated with those contracts.  Students must contact the Office of Residential Living and Learning if they have questions about their housing or meal plan charges.  Please contact Kasey Britton at if you need help understanding how your housing or meal plan charges were calculated.  Any adjustment to housing or meal plan charges must be done by the Office of Residential Living and Learning.

Property Deposits

Please go to the link below for information about property deposits.

Property Deposits

Form for Refund of Property Deposit

Deduction of University Charges Prior to Refund Processing

The University may exercise the right of offset, meaning that a refund could be subject to adjustment if necessary to ensure that past due University obligations are satisfied.

University charges are deducted as allowed by statute or regulation before a refund is issued. These may include (but are not limited to) current term and prior term charges such as:  

  • Tuition & Fees
  • Book Credits
  • Emergency Loans
  • Tuition Loans
  • Housing
  • Meal Plans
  • Refunds

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