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Book Credits for Financial Aid Students

Emergency Bookcredits for Use at Online Bookstore Only

Please read the information below and use the link below to access the necessary form.

If you are an off-campus student and wish to use emergency bookcredits to purchase your books and have them shipped directly to you - please read the following:

You are not required to buy your books through the University bookstore; however, at this time, we can only handle emergency bookcredits through the University bookstore. Books and supplies purchased through the online bookstore at can be paid through emergency bookcredits and shipped UPS directly to you.

Emergency bookcredits are available only to students who have pending financial aid awarded through Texas A&M University-Commerce. To be eligible - your financial aid award must show as accepted on our system and the total award amount must be enough to cover all outstanding University charges including this amount of this bookcredit. Contact the Bursar's Office as shown below to determine availability dates.

To utilize this option, print out the emergency bookcredit application using the link provided below. Fill it out, sign it, and return the completed form to the University Bursar's Office. You may request bookstore credit for any amount up to $500 - approved bookcredit amount cannot exceed the difference between anticipated financial aid and the aggregate of charges due to Texas A&M University-Commerce. You can fax the completed form to 903-468-6048 or you can email it to Completed forms can also be mailed our office at:

Texas A&M University-Commerce
Attn: Bursar's Office.
P.O. Box 3011
Commerce, TX 75429

We will verify eligibility upon receipt. When you select the emergency bookcredit payment option, the University bookstore will fax us a copy of your order. The University Bursar's Office will then fax a response to the bookstore that lets them know if you have an approved bookcredit on file and if so, how much in credit we will authorize. It is our understanding that approved orders will be shipped the same day. You must pay shipping costs - these will be included in the amount of your bookcredit.

When your financial aid is processed, all University charges, including the amount of emergency bookcredits, will be deducted from your financial aid award prior to any refund. Please note: emergency bookcredits represent a loan that you must pay back by the date shown in the form. If your financial is canceled or modified for any reason, so that your emergency bookcredit is not paid as expected, you must pay the amount due in full by the indicated payment date.

The University Bursar's Office is not responsible for shipping difficulties, problems with your online book order, or any other issue that may result from your online purchase.

Please note: The bookstore has indicated that it will NOT provide cash refunds for books purchased with online bookcredits. Upon notification from the bookstore regarding credits issued for returns, the Bursar's Office will reduce the amount of the bookcredit charge on your account.

Access the bookcredit form for Spring 2023 here

Reminder: Bookcredits are only available to students with pending financial aid.

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