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Tuition and Leo Personal Loans

The Texas A&M University-Commerce Institutional Loan program offers two types of short term loans—tuition loans and Leo personal loans. 

Tuition loans pay the full amount of tuition/fees only and cannot be used to pay housing or other university charges (including UPD traffic tickets). Students do not receive a check with this loan-a credit is made to offset tuition/fee charges.  Students enroll in the tuition loan online in LeoPay.  A $35 processing fee is requred at sign-up.

Leo personal loan proceeds are intended to pay educational expenses (books, supplies, etc). Loan limits will vary between terms.  Support documentation may be required with your application. Your Leo personal loan will be disbursed by check and will be available within 2-3 working days.

Emergency loans for Spring 2023 are no longer available.  Please check back here next semester for loan availability.

Eligibility for short-term loans:

  1. Must be enrolled in the given term.
  2. Must be in good standing with the university.
  3. Limited to one emergency loan or one bookcredit per semester.

Submission of an application does not guarantee approval. Loan funds are limited and we may not be able to accommodate all applicants even if eligibility requirements are met. Students are limited to one emergency loan or one bookcredit per semester. Exceptions to eligibility guidelines or loan procedures will be made strictly at the discretion of the university. The University reserves the right to deny loan approval to any student based on past payment performance or other factors that negatively impact credit risk. Contact Student Accounts at 903-886-5050 for more information or refer to information on the main Student Accounts Web page for current updates.

Leo Personal Loans are offered to students each semester to help cover books, supplies or other related expenses.  Loans are capped at $400 per term ($200 in mini-terms and summer semesters)

Leo Personal Loans do not accrue interest but a $35 processing fee is required.  The processing fee must be paid before the loan application can be processed.

Completed application forms can be faxed to 903-468-6048 or scanned copies can be sent by email to

You can also deliver applications in person to our payment windows in the McDowell Administration Building.

NOTE: Students may not borrow against future financial aid distributions and Leo personal loans cannot be used to to pay UPD tickets or other university charges.

A $25 late charge and a registration/transcript hold will be assessed on all past due loan accounts.

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