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Graduate Council Members


College of Humanities, Social Sciences & Arts

Dr. Cynthia Ross (2024)
Dr. Carrie Klypchak (2025
Dr. Randall Hooper (2023)

College of Science & Engineering

Dr. Burchan Aydin (2025)
Dr. Jeff Kopachena (2025)
Dr. Bao-An Li (2023)

College of Business

Dr. Daniel Hsiao (2025)
Dr. Gregory Lubiani (2025)
Dr. Son Bui (2024)

College of Education & Human Services

Dr. Dean Culpepper (2024)
Dr. Sherri Colby (2023)
Dr. Melissa Arrambide (2025)

College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

Dr. Jose Lopez (2024)

Graduate School

Dr. Jennifer L. Schroeder, Chair   
Dr. Jennifer Dyer, Vice Chair

Note:  Year represents expiration of term