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Comprehensive Exam Third Attempt

  • If the last exam was your second attempt, you can request that you be allowed to make yet another attempt at the exam.  A third exam attempt is a privilege, not a right, you are by no means guaranteed to be allowed or granted the third attempt.  In general, if you cannot pass the exam after the second attempt, you will have to demonstrate to the faculty and graduate school that you are worthy of being given extra consideration.  You will need to complete detailed plans of study that will need to be approved by your graduate supervisor and the graduate faculty.
  • You are required to file this request for a third attempt, with a plan of study, no later than the end of the first week of the semester in which you are requesting a third attempt.  No consideration will be given to requests made after this time.  You are responsible for maintaining eligibility in the program and immigration status before this time.  
  • The third attempt for COMP will be denied even after approval of your plan if you do not follow the approved weekly study plan and the COMP coordinator does not approve satisfactory implementation of the plan or fail to convince your advising faculty that you are truly ready for a final attempt by two weeks before the exam.
  • The third attempt is final. Failure to pass the comprehensive exam on the third attempt means that you will not be able to receive your Master of Science degree from our degree program. 
  • The following form is required for the petition.

            Form1: Approval form



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