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Faculty Senate

The primary university-wide faculty organizational unit is the Faculty Senate. It may address any topic that it deems appropriate but is primarily concerned with providing study, discussion, and communication on fairly broad matters of university concern. The Senate is the voice of the faculty and makes recommendations on policy matters to the President. The Faculty Senate is composed of one member elected by each academic department of the university and one professional librarian. The Constitution of the Faculty Senate is contained in A&M-Commerce Procedure 12.04.99.R0.01.

Vision Statement Of Texas A&M University-Commerce

Texas A&M University-Commerce will be recognized as a premier regional university, distinctive for high expectations, a nurturing environment and innovations in the enhancement of learning to produce graduates who distinguish themselves in their chosen careers and as active contributing members of society.

By focusing on access, participation and success of students in quality undergraduate and graduate degree programs,Texas A&M University-Commerce will become the university of choice for those seeking a higher education in the Northeast Texas area. As a result, Texas A&M University-Commerce will be recognized for the creation of partnerships and initiatives that promote intellectual, social, environmental, economic and cultural advancement of their region and state.

Mission Statement Of Texas A&M University-Commerce

Texas A&M University-Commerce provides a personal educational experience for a diverse community of life-long learners. Our purpose is to discover and disseminate knowledge for leadership and service in an interconnected and dynamic world. Our challenge is to nurture partnerships for the intellectual, cultural, economic vitality of Texas and beyond.

Faculty Senate Mission Statement 

The Faculty Senate represents the faculty and professional librarians of Texas A&M University-Commerce by studying and investigating matters of concern and recommending constructive changes to the president of the university.


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