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Instructions for completing the Compliance Training Verification Form

About the Form:

Who should complete the form?

The Form should be used by any person doing research or involved with a sponsored project (paid from a grant, or working on a project that is grant funded).

For what purpose do I use the form?
The Form can be used solely to determine the compliance trainings that you are required to complete based on your involvement with research or a grant funded project. The form is also used during the hiring process for students in order to accurately identify the compliance trainings that must be completed prior to doing any research or working on an externally funded project. If you are using the form during your hiring process, please see the specific instructions  below. 

How should the form be completed?
The 1-page form can only be completed electronically. 

Instructions for the form:

 1. Complete Sections 1 and 2 of the form.

    Enter the information that is requested in Sections 1 and 2 (all questions in the form must be answered).

2. Review Section 3 of the form to determine which compliance trainings are required. 

    Section 3 will be automatically populated with the completion requirement (“Required” or “Not required”) for each compliance training.

3. Access and complete all of the compliance trainings that are listed as “Required” in Section 3 of the form.

    For instructions and access to the required trainings, click here.

4. Print the form and sign it.

Important if you will be hired as a student:

  • The form will need to be signed by both you and your faculty supervisor. The faculty supervisor will need to review the form and provide their signature to ensure that the activities selected on the form represent the activities in which you either will be or might be involved.

  • You will need to submit the signed form and training completion certificates to the Departmental Administrator in the department where you will be hired (via email or campus mail). If you are unsure to whom you should submit the form and training confirmations, contact your faculty supervisor or the Compliance Coordinator at

Compliance Training Verification Form  (pdf)