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Disclaimer: Beginning Fall 2020, no additional students will be accepted into the Regents Scholars Program. Those interested in the academic experience provided by the Regents Scholars Program should apply to the Honors College (

You  must be accepted to TAMU-Commerce for your Honors College/Regents Scholars application to be considered.

Admission Qualifications

To qualify for RSP, an applicant must be accepted to the University and proceed through the Honors College application and interview process.  At the end of this process fifty students will be offered Honors College scholarships and twenty students will be offered the Regents scholarship.   The basic requirements for Honors College are:

  • Acceptance to the university (Apply Texas Application)
  • Complete the Honors College application, which includes an essay.  The essay is scored in terms of creativity, style, and grammar/syntax/spelling.  Essays will be scored on a 5 point scale and the essay score will be included in the Application Score described below. If a student earns an interview essays can be used to help shape the discussion and provide perspective on the interview responses.
  • In general, we are looking for students in the Top 10% of their graduating class, who have an ACT score of 27 or higher, and/or a combined math and verbal SAT score of 1200 or higher.  However, these are not concrete cut-off scores.  For example, a valedictorian with a 25 on the ACT should apply.
  • Class rank (at the time of application), test scores (composite, not super scores), and the essay rating (up to 5 points) are used to create an application score to determine if a student moves to the interview stage of the application process (If a student has taken both the ACT and SAT only the higher of the two composite scores will be used in the score calculation).  A student must have a total score of 60 or higher to receive an interview. 

For more information on the application process and criteria, please visit the Honors College web page.