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Disclaimer: Beginning Fall 2020, no additional students will be accepted into the Regents Scholars Program. Those interested in the academic experience provided by the Regents Scholars Program should apply to the Honors College (

Benefits of being in the Regents' Scholars Program

The Regents Scholars Program accepted 20-30 incoming freshman each fall and provided a competitive scholarship to off-set tuition, fees, room and board. Students were selected from the Honors College application and interview process. The program encouraged students to pursue a bachelor’s degree in their chosen field while working to develop a greater sense of self awareness and international trends and issues. A focused curriculum culminated in a junior-year study abroad course. In addition, RSP provided scholars with leadership training and experiences which encourage them to think of themselves as change agents- both on campus and in their future profession. 

RSP students experienced leadership skill development and training.  Included within this experience were opportunities for project conception, execution, and assessment.  Students developed close working relationships with University faculty and staff leading to a deep connection with the University and it's mission.

The most unique, life-changing aspect of this program was the opportunity for a study-abroad experience the summer after junior year. Financed by a combination of scholarships, leadership projects, and service opportunities, these travel experiences earned students academic credit and a memorable foreign cultural experience.

As a part of both the leadership and travel aspects of the program, Regents' Scholars "gave back" to the world, local community, and campus.  Through academic, leadership and travel experiences students also gained knowledge, skills and insights valuable to future employers.

They developed life-long friendships, grow more knowledgeable about the world from coursework and practical experience, and grew personally through transformational experiences. The last cohort of Regents Scholars will graduate in 2022.

Current RSP students may opt to graduate "With Honors" by completion of an Honors Thesis and 11 credit hours of honors program requirements.