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Keeping Up With World Events

United Kingdom Flag

The Guardian is a British newspaper widely respected throughout the world.  It carries regular coverage of US events from a uniquely British perspective.  Like most British papers it has a clear ideological bent, with its editorial policy and political outlook favoring the Labour Party, one of Britain's two major parties.

The Independent, as its name indicates, attempts to be an objective voice in British journalism without connection to either major political party. 

German Flag

Der Spiegel (The Mirror )is a weekly German news magazine, akin a bit to Time in the US.  This is an English language site which presents a regular digest of world news from a European perspective, as well as interesting pieces on life in Germany.  Der Spiegel is an establishment conservative publication within the German political context.

French Flag

This website is a digest of French daily newspapers, offering a variety of articles and perspectives in English.  Like most continental European democracies, France has a lively multi-party political system, and that is reflected by the diversity of approaches to the news in its papers.

Mexican Flag

The News (Mexico City) is an English language paper carrying news of events to our south.  With the advent of the North American Free Trade Agreement in the 1990s, all trade barriers between the US, Mexico and Canada came down, producing benefits and costs that are still being debated.  This strong English-language daily from Mexico City is evidence of the impact of increased commercial interaction between the US, Canada and Mexico.

Chinese Flag

The People's Daily is the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, and as such the voice of the Chinese government.  As China modernizes and grows more powerful, the tensions between a one-party state and progress increase.  This paper is worth looking at in comparison to other views of what's going on in China.  In a dictatorship, sometimes what's not said in the official paper is as important as what is.

The South China Morning Post is based in Hong Kong, a former British colony, now reunited with China.  Hong Kong's reunion with the People's Republic of China came after careful negotiations about individual and economic freedoms to which the colony's citizens had become accustomed under British rule.  As a result, Hong Kong's press is freer and less constrained than that of mainland China.  However, the paper works to maintain a neutral stance towards the PRC government.   

Russian Flag

Pravda (Truth) started as the Communist Party newspaper under the former Soviet Union (USSR).   After the USSR collapsed and communism ended in Russia, democratization began, but its progress has become less clear since the mid-1990s.  In many ways, Russia resembles a dictatorship, though on paper, it is a democratic state.  Pravda is the voice of the government.

The Moscow Times

Indian Flag

The Times of India

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