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The purpose of the Student Employee Guide is to assist you in obtaining student employment on the campus of Texas A&M University-Commerce and to provide you with guidelines to follow upon gaining employment.

Looking for a Student Job? Things you need to know:

  • Are you regular campus or work-study? You need to know before you begin applying for positions. Work-study positions are available (via HireaLion) to students who have applied for financial aid and have been awarded work-study as a portion of their aid. Regular campus positions are available (via WorkDay) to all other students.

  • Various employment opportunities are available such as clerical, childcare assistants, farm workers, etc. 

  • Applications and interviews are completed in the department where you are applying.

  • Most departments provide flexible work hours to accommodate the student's class schedule.

Found a Job? Checklist to follow:

  • Complete forms in the Human Resources Department before starting to work. These forms must be completed before Payroll can issue payment. Two forms of identification are required (i.e. passport, driver's license, student ID and social security card/birth certificate.)

  • If you are a work-study student worker, you must pick up your Work Permit from the Financial Aid Office prior to reporting to work.

Other Important Information For You to Know:

  • Minimum wage is $7.25. This is the prevailing wage for a student worker.
  • Student workers (work-study or regular) cannot work more than 19 hours a week.
  • Students are encouraged to have only one student position. If you do hold more than one position, the combined hours reported each week cannot exceed 19.
  • Payday is every other Friday, unless notified otherwise.
  • Students can be paid by check or by direct deposit to their preferred bank. Direct deposit forms are available in the Payroll Office. Checks or check stubs should be picked up at the Fiscal Office Cashier's window located in the McDowell Administration Building on the designated pay date.
  • Student workers are not eligible for vacation, sick leave, holiday pay or retirement. Student workers are not eligible to participate in the group insurance program but a voluntary insurance plan is available to students through the Dean of Students Office.
  • Students must notify their employer if they will be absent from work. Failure to report to work and/or failure to notify your department of expected absence can be grounds for immediate dismissal.

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