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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I proceed with hiring a work study eligible student?

Post a position in HireaLion and check the box for work study eligibility.  Students who have received their permits will be able to see the job posting.  Also, requiring students to upload their current work study permit along with their application or resume would guarantee that you have eligible work study student workers applying for the position.  Please remember, the work study permit is award year specific so please read the information carefully.

What is the difference between Work Study positions and regular student worker positions?

The positions and pay are equal, based on job duties.  The source of funding is different.  Regular student workers are paid via department budget and Work Study student workers are paid via federal or state work study funding.

Can any on-campus department hire a work study student? How many can we hire?

Any department on campus can hire work study student workers and there is no limit. Students must have a valid work study permit to begin working. 

How many hours can a student work?

Students, whether regular or work study, may work up to 19 hours a week while classes are in session with schedules being determined by the student and hiring supervisor.  Students earning over their work study allotment (stated on the work study permit) will have to be paid out of the department budget.  Please be mindful of the pay rate and hours worked, allowing students to earn up to their full potential but not going over the allotted amount if you are concerned about a department budget.

How much is a student eligible to earn per hour?

Currently, the federal minimum wage is $7.25.  Please keep in mind that our students can go off campus and earn more than minimum wage and therefore we want to be competitive, giving our students an opportunity to grow in their skills, build their resume, and develop relationships on campus.  As of 12/1/23, the average pay for a work study student worker is $10.41/hr.  Working up to 19 hours a week this should provide students with the opportunity to earn their full allotted amount of funding. 

Please review the students's work study permit for details on the allotted amount and terms in which they are eligible for work. 

When are students paid?

Students will receive a paycheck every 2 weeks once they begin working and submitting timesheets. 

Can a student work during a holiday break?

It depends.

1. A student offered work study during the fall & spring semesters is eligible to work during the winter holiday as long as they are enrolled for the following semester within their same classification (UG or G) and meeting Financial Aid Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress.

2. From spring to summer, work study students are not eligible to continue work and will need to cease employment on the last day of classes. They can begin working again if they are enrolled during the summer, have a summer work study permit, and are meeting Financial Aid Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress. Students must cease working on their last day of classes.

3. Between summer and fall, work study students are not eligible to work unless they are enrolled for fall and have at least a fall work study permit.

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