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Resources for Faculty Members

The World is your Classroom

A&M-Commerce Faculty and Staff may lead groups of students on programs abroad. These programs may include academic courses, volunteer or service-learning projects, research opportunities, or other high-impact experiences. This program will go over the details and expectations of facilitating your own program

Proposal Deadline - August 3, 2022

This deadline ensures the Office of International Programs and our community can market and facilitate the expectations of your program to our student community and international partners. The Office of International Programs will have semester workshops - September (Fall) and March (Spring) to go over the guidelines needed to make your program come to life.

Resources for Faculty Members

Funds in Support of Faculty-Led Programs

As a Faculty or Staff member at A&M-Commerce, there are precautions and support the Office of International Programs facilitates when collaborating with our departments and offices. We support your efforts by providing different funding options to you:

  • Program Support Fund - this fund will help mitigate the total cost of the program to make your program more attractive to our student community.
  • Program Incentive Initiatives - This incentive is based off the internationalization efforts of the university and how your program can assist our overseas presence.
  • Program Emergency Funds - By working with the Office of International Programs, we will facilitate with our program leaders and cover costs that may not be accounted for within the initial program costs.

If you have any additional questions, contact for more information.

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