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Resources for Academic Advisors

The Resource for A&M-Commerce academic advisors

This page is dedicated to supporting the academic advisor's role when getting students approved for overseas studies would be A&M-Commerce affiliate, direct exchange, or independent study programs.

Types of Study Abroad Programs
When a student walks into your office, their program affiliation to Studying Abroad matters. Here are definitions of the programs that can help you with identifying how to approach your conversation with your students.

  • Direct Exchange - Programs that involve the reciprocal exchange of students between A&M-Commerce and partner institutions abroad
  • Affiliate Providers - Programs that A&M-Commerce has chosen to work with. Such providers offer access to a wide variety of program locations, courses, and program durations.
  • Independent Study Programs - These are programs that are not affiliated with the university but may meet the department or degree requirements pending approval of your department and college.
  • Non-Academic/Field Trips - Overseas programs that are not credit bearing but allow students to administer to their needs and experiences that support their intended objectives in relation to their studies. Examples of this are leadership, capstone, & professional development programs.

Study Abroad Advisement Form

All students who are not participating in faculty-led programs and want academic credit with A&M-Commerce must complete a Study Abroad Advisement Form. This form will need to be reviewed by the intended student’s academic advisor prior to being approved to go overseas. By completing this form, it states that the programs you approved with the student will transfer to their degree program.  When students walk into your office, they will be advised by my Study Abroad office to share with you the course selection associated with their intended program for you to review. If a student does not share this with you, please contact to follow up further.

Course Registration

Students per the approved program will be put into a placeholder course to maintain their enrollment at A&M-Commerce while studying overseas. Upon completion of their overseas experience, A&M-Commerce will receive their semesterly transcript which will be added to their degree program for course credit and academic grade transfer.

Study Abroad Application Deadlines

As advisors, your approval matters. Students who participate in our programs must get their completed documents by an application deadline date conducted by our university or with external partners. Please review the application deadlines of the Study Abroad Office.

Attend our semesterly Workshops

Every Semester, the Office of International Programs will conduct a workshop for the campus community to learn more about study programs and how it can be facilitated on campus. Contact for more information.

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