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Computation of Grade Point Averages

All grade point averages will be computed by dividing grade points accumulated by the number of hours attempted, with grades of "X", "I", "IP", "Q", and "W" being excluded. GPA is calculated to 2 decimal places and not rounded.  

Example: 80 grade points divided by 35 hours would be a 2.28 GPA and would not be rounded to 2.3.

Repeated Courses

When a course is repeated, only the most recent enrollment for that course will be used in computing the grade point average. This grade would also be used to determine credit earned for the course. This procedure excludes the grade made the previous time the course was taken. Courses taken before a degree is awarded (regardless of whether the course is applied to the degree) cannot be repeated and the grade point average recalculated once the degree is awarded. While the grade of "Q" indicates the course was dropped, this grade will not be calculated in the GPA.

Any student who enrolls in the same course a second time must notify the Registrar's Office during the semester in which the course is being repeated. For your convenience, we have provided the GPA Update Form. When the semester is completed and a grade has been assigned for the repeated course, we will process the submitted GPA Update form update the student's grade average to reflect the duplication of the course. This process can be used for transfer work as long as it is the same course.

Enacted in the 78th Legislative Session, HB1 mandates that students repeating a course for a third or more times, will be subject to an additional fee for the repeated course.

Native GPA

Beginning Fall 2000, all new students who enter A&M-Commerce for the first time will have their cumulative grade point average calculated on courses taken at A&M-Commerce only. Courses taken at other institutions will no longer be considered in the calculation of the A&M-Commerce grade point average.

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