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Grades - Their Meaning and Value

Grade Marks Grade Meaning Grade Points/Hour
A Excellent 4
B Good 3
C Average 2
D Passing (Minimum) 1
F Failure 0
X Incomplete 0
I Incomplete (thesis & dissertation only) 0
IP In Progress (only for classes that span longer than the normal term in which they are taken) 0
W Withdrew 0
Q Course Drop (after census) 0
RA Remedial (Excellent) 0
RB Remedial (Good) 0
RC Remedial (Average) 0
RD Remedial (Passing) 0
RF Remedial (Failure) 0
S Satisfactory 0
U Unsatisfactory 0

Beginning Fall 2008, the Q denotes a drop course. DP, DF, DS & DU no longer apply to dropped courses.

Passing Grades:A, B, C, D, S
Failing Grades: F, U, DF, DU
Grades of RA, RB, RC, RD, RF, S, and U do not affect the GPA.

The bachelor's degree will not be conferred upon any student whose total grade average is less than "C" (2.00). Transfer students must also have a "C" average on work completed on this campus to qualify for the bachelor's degree.

Developmental/Remedial Grading
Fall 2018 - Grades of RA, RB, RC, RD and RF will be assigned to developmental/remedial courses and will not count in GPA
Fall 2014 through Summer 2018 - Grades of DVA, DVB, DVC, DVD and DVF were assigned to developmental/remedial courses and counted in the GPA but did not count towards graduation.
Prior to fall 2014 - Grades RA, RB, RC, RD, RF were assigned and did not count in GPA.

A grade of "D" is the minimum passing grade for credit in a course.

Students who officially withdraw from school prior to the date stated in the current Schedule of Classes will receive a mark of "W."

The grade "F" means failure.

Students, who because of circumstances beyond their control are unable to attend classes during finals week or the preceding three weeks will, upon approval of the their instructor, receive a mark of "X" (incomplete) in all courses in which they were maintaining passing grades.

When an "X" is given for a grade in a course, the credit hours and grade point averages are not included until a grade is received which can be up to one year. If the "X" is not removed by that time, the grade becomes an F, and the hours are included in the number of hours attempted.

Recording a grade of "X" requires the filing of a plan for completion. The plan will be submitted with the official grade record sent to the department head who will forward it to the Dean's office. The plan will include why the grade was given and steps necessary for the student to receive the final grade.

A grade of "IP" (In Progress) will be used for courses that are scheduled over more than one semester. The grade of IP will not be computed in the grade point average and will be removed when the final grade is filed by instructor.

A grade of "I" will be given for courses in dissertation and thesis (including undergraduate honors thesis) for all semesters prior to the semester in which the final document is completed.  After completion the I will turn to an S.  Dissertation students will receive an S for as many hours as their program allows credit for (this information is provided by the graduate school). The time limit imposed on the grade of "X" (one year) does not apply for these courses.

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