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University Catalogs and Course Descriptions

Online Catalogs - Fall 2008 to present

Texas A&M University-Commerce ensures the availability of both Undergraduate and Graduate catalogs which publish course offerings and degree requirements. The Registrar's Office and the Graduate School are responsible for producing and archiving the University catalog. The online catalog provides the most up to date information about university degrees and programs.

Use the link below to locate course information, degree programs, and university policies and procedures as well as access the pdf catalogs:

Online Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs

Catalogs - Prior to Fall 2008

Catalogs prior to Fall 2008 are archived at the Velma K. Waters Library and within the Registrar's Office. Students who wish to receive copies of catalogs or information within a particular catalog - such as course descriptions and information - prior to Fall 2008 may fill out the Request for Archived Catalog or Course Description Form and submit it.

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