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Minors - Undergraduate

The Management department offers several programs for the completion of an interdisciplinary minor. The required semester hours (SH) for each minor program are included, along with a description of the nature and goals of the minor program.  

The following undergraduate minors are available:

  • Minor in Corporate Management (18 SH)
  • Minor in Entrepreneurship (18 SH)
  • Minor in General Business (18 SH)
  • Minor in International Studies (18 SH)

Two Year Course Rotation Plan:

Minors - Undergraduate Long Range Schedule

Course Catalog Information:

Minors - Undergraduate Course Catalog

Minor in Corporate Management (18 SH)

A minor in corporate management offers a focused examination of management skills and business practices used within the corporate business world. This minor allows interested students to explore in greater detail the issues and challenges of corporate management, and gain insight and understanding that will convey considerable value in the business management environment.

Course Offered Description
MGT 390 Fall/Spring Project Management
MGT 350 Fall Corporate Governance & Sustainability
MGT 340 Fall/Spring Quality Management
MGT 360 Spring Organizational Leadership
MGT 497 Spring Transforming Organizations
MGT 497 Fall Crisis Management
MGT 497 Summer Groups & Teams
MGT 380 Spring International Mgt & Business

Minor in Entrepreneurship (18 SH)

This minor is tailored for students that desire to gain skills and insight into successful entrepreneurial practices. The courses are designed to expose the student to a number of entrepreneurial topics, and will impart knowledge that will enable them to understand and plan for issues that face startups and new businesses.

Course Offered Description
MGT 390 Fall/Spring Project Management
MGT 370 Fall New Venture Management
MGT 308 Fall/Spring Entrepreneurial Strategy
MGT 330 Summer The Entrepreneur
FIN 420 Fall Entrepreneurial Finance & Venture Capital
MGT 497 TBA Social Media & Public Relations
MKT 436 TBA Marketing Research
MGT 497 TBA Innovation & Production Management
MGT 497 TBA Internet Marketing
MGT 497 Spring Family Business

Minor in General Business (18 SH)

Acct 221 and Eco 230 plus 12 semester hours of advanced business courses are required. The following courses are recommended: BA 301, ECO 302; MGT 305; MKT 306.  These provide for broad business topic coverage and are prerequisites for the MBA Program.  This minor is not available to business majors.

Minor in International Business (21 SH)

The minor in International Business is an innovative undergraduate program, both interdisciplinary and international in its orientation, offered by the College of Business & Technology at Texas A&M University-Commerce. The International Business minor is designed to broaden the scope of traditional business education and, in a broader sense, it seeks to establish a foundation for increasing students' awareness of the global competitiveness of American corporations and industries. International business communities are becoming increasingly intertwined, which creates an atmosphere in which long-term strategies and daily management decisions are heavily influenced by such challenging international factors as exchange rates, trade and foreign investment regulations, cross-cultural differences, and the opening of world markets. The International Business minor offers you the opportunity to establish an international business, culture, and language knowledge base which will prepare you to meet global business challenges.

Required courses: ACCT 221; ECO 230; BA 420; MKT 467; ECO 428; 6 sh form SPA 131, 132, PSCI 335, or up to 6 sh from foreign study programs approved by the major advisor.

Minor in International Studies (18 SH)

Required courses *: HIST 263; PSCI 331, 333, or 438; MKT 420 OR ECO 428; 3 sh from HIST 333, 365, 375, 385; 6 sh from: (1) two Foreign Language courses or (2) 6 sh from non U.S. History, non U.S. Political Science, and/or, non U.S. Geography and/or from foreign study programs sponsored by Texas A&M University-Commerce.

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