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SGA Senate

SGA Committees

Academic Affairs

The purpose of this committee is to review emerging academic issues and to strengthen the Senate’s commitment to ensuring equal educational opportunity for every student.  This committee shall research issues and report to Senate appropriate measures to communicate to the faculty, staff, and administration of the University that will address specific issues with the academic well-being and integrity of the university.

Campus Life

The purpose of this committee is to ensure quality service throughout four major areas related to student life: campus safety and security, Residential Living and Learning, the university food service provider, and Campus Recreation. This committee will work directly with Residential Living and Learning to make sure student concerns regarding housing are being addressed by the University. The committee will also work closely with the food service provider contracted by the university to ensure superior and quality food service, while addressing student concerns and needs. Furthermore, the committee will work with the Morris Recreation Center and other health related departments to address student concerns and promote physical and mental health awareness across the university.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The purpose of this committee is to ensure that all events, goals, and work done are implemented by a diverse set of views and opinions regarding diversity and inclusivity. This committee will meet and collaborate consistently with students/student organizations who do not feel heard, included, safe, or that TAMUC is appropriately representing a diverse University. This committee will review legislation to ensure it is equitable and inclusive, making recommendations to the Senate on any policies or procedures seen as exclusive or inequitable. This committee will represent SGA by bringing awareness to the importance of having a diverse community and providing strategic direction towards diversity and inclusion. This committee will be involved in educating TAMUC about diverse perspectives by celebrating and supporting all cultures. It will strive to raise diversity and inclusion to the forefront of TAMUC’s priorities and be vocal about DEI importance and to promote multicultural/intercultural awareness and understanding. Other duties associated with this committee will be to identify barriers and partners to assist in achieving diversity and inclusivity to help guide in subsequent efforts and communicate all findings throughout the Senate to build knowledge.

External Affairs

The purpose of this committee is to promote engagement throughout both the campus and the community through collaborative programs, diversified and
inclusive events, and facilitated service projects. The committee will work closely with the Public Relations committee to assist them with advertising events. In addition to the above duties External Affairs Committee shall also provide meaningful activities that invest the student body with the Senate.

Internal Affairs

The purpose of this committee is to promote and develop unity among senators. This committee shall develop meaningful events and trainings for the Senate, as well as reward the outstanding efforts performed by Senators in the fulfillment of their duties. They will be responsible for reviewing the governing documents of SGA on a yearly basis and proposing any amendments to said documents. Additionally, they will be in charge of enforcing Senate documents and taking disciplinary action when required.


Committee Chairs

The chair of a committee is responsible for leading members of their individual committee in the achievement of their goals and responsibilities.  They are also responsible for overseeing their committee, its meetings and delegating tasks to other committee members. Chairs are also responsible for ensuring the completion of assigned tasks regardless of whether the chair has delegated it to another member.  The committee chair shall be the spokes-person of the committee and directly report back to the Vice President of Senate Affairs or the Executive Board in the event that the Vice President of Senate Affairs is unavailable, or the position is otherwise vacant.

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