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Reserving A Time Using the Recportal

If you are wanting to use the MRC, Pool, or the MAC you need to reserve your time with either the MRC ReservationsPool Reservations, or MAC Reservations, button on the Recportal.

The checkout process is the same as if you were making a purchase. You do NOT need duplicate reservations with the MRC, pool, or Climbing Wall. If you make a reservation for the pool or climbing wall, just let the MRC front desk staff know that you are there for that activity.

Please visit the COVD19 webpage for facility policies and patron standards

Reserving a Timeslot

  1. Go to
  2. Log in:
    1. Student/faculty/staff: Click sign TAMUC SSO
    2. Non student/faculty/staff: Click Non-TAMUC Affiliate.  See below additional info about Non-TAMUC affiliates. 
  3. Select your reservation
    1. MRC reservation
    2. Pool reservations
    3. MAC reservations
  4. Pick a day and time
  5. Click register and proceed through the checkout
  6. When arriving at the MRC/Pool/Climbing Wall/MAC, confirm your reservation at the designated check-in desk and then swipe through the turnstile to access the facility.
  7. At the end of your reservation time, swipe out at the turnstiles to ensure we are tracking our capacity at each space.
  8. Reservations will be held for 15 minutes if the facility is at capacity. 

Canceling a Timeslot

  1. Log in to
  2. Click your name on the top right corner
  3. Click profile from the drop-down menu
  4. Click programs on the left side of the screen
  5. Click the three dots to the right of any registration and select cancel registration

Logging in to the Recportal

Current or Expired MRC Members

This information is for anyone who has visited the MRC in the past and therefore has a profile in our membership software. If you have never visited the MRC, please see the section “New MRC Members”.

All Faculty, Staff, and Students, whether you have visited the MRC or not, are able to log in to the Rec Portal using the SSO login. Please see the Faculty, Staff, and Students section for troubleshooting.

Instructions for current/expired MRC Members without SSO authentication:

  2. Click on the link “Log In”
  3. Click “Non-TAMUC Affiliate”
  4. If you don’t know your username and/or password click on “Trouble Logging In?”
  5. Enter the email address that was used when you first created your MRC membership.
  6. Select either Recover Username or Reset Password.
  7. If you do not know your email address, or you receive the error message below, contact the MRC Member Services at 903-468-3181 or email to let them know that you need help logging in to the Rec Portal. (This error occurs because we either do not have an email on file, or username has not been created. MRC Member Services can assist with both of these problems.)

Current Faculty, Staff, and Students

All faculty, staff, and students, regardless of if you have ever been to the MRC, will be able to log in to the Rec Portal using the SSO.

Currently, enrolled students will show that you have an active membership, which will allow you full functionality in the Rec Portal.

Faculty and staff with a current MRC membership will also have full functionality in the Rec Portal.

Faculty and staff without a current MRC membership will be able to log in to the Rec Portal, but you will be unable to purchase programs or make reservations that are restricted to members only. If you would like to purchase a membership, please visit the MRC front desk.