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Lion Card and Lion Cash accounts continued

Secure your Lion Card
There is only one valid card per customer account. Possession or use of a Lion Card by anyone other than the owner is a direct violation of University policy.

Act responsibly and exercise good judgment, know where your card is at all times.

Cardholder Agreements
Lion Cards are intended to be used the entire time an individual is associated with Texas A&M University-Commerce. It is not necessary to obtain a new card each semester or academic year. In order to receive a new Lion Card, an individual must present a valid form of photo identification (driver’s license, passport, or government issued ID) at the time of application. The card must be carried at all times while on campus and must be presented to University officials upon request. The card is non-transferable. Account balances are non-transferable. The cardholder is responsible for his or her own card. Funds are deposited at the cardholder’s discretion. There is a $20 fee for return checks. Once the account is activated by making a deposit, any balance on the account will carry over semester to semester, or year to year, as long as the individual remains enrolled at or employed by Texas A&M University-Commerce.

Liability for Illegitimate Use of Accounts
If a Lion Card is lost or stolen, the cardholder is liable for all transactions until the card is reported lost or stolen to the Lion Card Office (during normal business hours), University Police (24 hours a day), or by emailing Once reported lost or stolen, staff will place a freeze on the active card and associated account. Only staff of the Lion Card Office can place and release holds on accounts that are reported lost or stolen. Please note: System security will not allow staff to reactivate retired cards; therefore, an individual can hold only one valid Lion Card at anytime, the last card printed.

Student Cards
Lion cards are available to all students currently enrolled at A&M-Commerce. All students must provide a photo ID or driver's license to verify identification before an A&M-Commerce ID card can be produced. The card provides students with a photo identification card that has many different benefits. Lion cards can be used in coordination with a student's meal plans, door access. Cards also allow students access to the Morris Recreation Center and are required for students to maintain Velma K. Waters Library privileges.

FLEX (dining only spending related to meal plans)

19 Exchange Plan ($400 FLEX) per semester
14 Meal Plan ($400 FLEX) per semester

Commuter 7 Plan ($400 FLEX) per semester
Commuter 5 Plan ($400 FLEX) per semester
Commuter Plan ($400 FLEX) per semester

Honors 25 ($400 FLEX) per semester
Honors 115 (NO FLEX) per semester
Honors Flex ($550 FLEX) per semester, Honors upperclassmen only

1) FLEX spending cannot be replenished during the semester.

2) For these certain plans an initial deposit of $200 FLEX will be available on first class day.

3) The remaining balance of a FLEX fund will be added after 12th class day.

4) FLEX expires at the end of each semester.

5) Your Lion Card will gain you access to both FLEX and voluntary deposits made to your Lion Cash account.

6) FLEX can only be used in Campus Dining areas, such as Rayburn Student Center Lion's Mane Cafe, Lion's Lair Food Court (including offerings from Ochorito, Cool Beans, Wingin' It, & Sushi Mama), Chick-fil-A, Starbucks Coffee Shop in the Velma K. Waters Library, Sandella's Flatbread Cafe in the nursing building and sporting event concessions at Memorial Stadium and the Field House.

Faculty/Staff Cards
Lion cards are provided for all faculty and staff members that are currently employed or retired from A&M-Commerce for identification. Faculty and staff members may use their Lion Cards to gain access to the Morris Recreational Center in coordination with a paid membership. In addition, A&M-Commerce Lion Cards allow all faculty and staff members to take advantage of many different resources offered by Velma K. Waters Library including public copiers and print labs.

Faculty/Staff Meal Plans
Non-Exchange Plan


Exchange Plan Options

Morris Recreation Center Access
Individuals who would like to use the student recreation center facility are required to visit the Morris Recreation Center in order to confirm their eligibility for membership. After eligibility is confirmed and membership fees are paid, the individual may then bring their membership receipt to the Lion Card Office where they will be provided with an A&M-Commerce Membership card. The cost for this card is $10 and is not included in the membership cost.

Courtesy Library Cards
Individuals who would like to attain library privileges from the Velma K. Waters Library should visit the Circulation desk located on the first floor of the Velma K. Waters Library. After eligibility is confirmed an individual may then bring the completed form to the Lion Card Office Center in order to receive an A&M-Commerce Courtesy card. The cost for this card is $10 and is not included in the library membership process.