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Faculty and Staff Resources

ADA Statement for Sponsored Activities and Programs

The statement below is intended to be used by Faculty/Staff members to aid in planning accommodations for individuals with disabilities. The "number" and "sponsor's name/phone number" should be filled in by Faculty/Staff members before the statement is sent out to anyone:

Texas A&M University-Commerce is committed to providing access and reasonable accommodation in its services, programs, activities, education and employment for individuals with disabilities. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodations will be made in accordance with the law. To request ADA accommodations, please communicate your needs (number) of days before the activity or program you plan to attend by calling (sponsor’s name and phone number).

Service and Assistance Animal Protocol

To ensure the campus community understands the requirements and legal obligations regarding service and assistance animals, the link below provides clarification and interpretation of the laws and definitions related to this topic.


Faculty Forms:

Below is a list of forms and other publications offered by Student Disability Services for Faculty:

Physical copies of these brochures and documents can also be obtained by visiting the Student Disability Services office in Velma K. Waters Library, Room 162.

Student Accommodation Letters:

Students' accommodation letter(s) must be emailed to you before you can provide accommodations to them. The accommodation letters will be emailed to you from the SDS office and will describe in general terms the appropriate academic accommodations for their disability and for your class. Because general terms are used in the letters, it may be necessary to contact SDS to determine exactly how to implement the accommodation. If a student identifies him/herself as having a disability and you have not received a letter, please ask them if they have requested their accommodation letter from SDS. If the student does not have a letter, feel free to continue to discuss the concerns with the student; however, make sure the student knows you will need the letter before you can provide any accommodations. Students are required to request letters from SDS every semester. If a student tells you that they registered last semester, please remind the student that they have to request accommodation letters every semester and refer them to our office.

Both the fax machine and email are closely monitored by the SDS staff.

  • SDS tracks the exam from the time it is picked up to the time it is returned to maintain the security of the exam.  Exams in SDS are kept in a locked drawer.
  • When sending a copy of the exam to SDS, the instructor should include a copy of the instructor testing checklist so that the test proctor will know what to allow the student to use during the exam, etc. If the instructor testing checklist is not included and specific directions are not given for the exam, the student will not be allowed to use a calculator or other aids that may have been permitted.
  • After the student completes the exam, it will be returned to the instructor/department in a timely fashion.

Exam Administration

  • Students testing in the SDS office are monitored throughout the day by SDS staff through walk-through and a recorded camera surveillance system.  Students are not allowed to take cell phones or other electronic communication devices into the testing room.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email Student Disability Services (SDS):

    (903) 886-5150

A Few Reminders of Things to Do

  • Please fill out an instructor's testing checklist and include it with each test that you send to SDS. The purpose of the form is to cut down on any confusion as to what materials, etc. the student is allowed to use on the exam.
  • Use SDS as a resource. Call us or come by anytime you have a question, concern, or suggestion related to a student with a disability or his/her accommodations.
  • At any time you may suspect that a student has a disability; however, the student has not self-identified. Feel free to contact SDS about ways in which to refer these students to our office. Keep in mind we are also available to speak to your class or campus organization on topics related to individuals with disabilities and the services provided.

A Few Reminders of Things NOT to Do

  • Ask students to disclose their specific disabilities. They may voluntarily do so; however, it is a violation of their rights for you to ask them.
  • Include student names in e-mails that identify them as a student serviced by our office unless you have verification from our staff that the student has given permission for us to communicate with you in this manner.
  • Tell students they have unlimited time or as much time as they want on an exam. An accommodation may be extended time (typically 1.5 times the amount of time allotted in class). Sometimes the accommodation does not include extended time, rather testing in a reduced distraction environment. Unlimited testing is usually never an accommodation.
  • Ignore the accommodation letter. To do so is a violation of federal law and places the University at great legal risk. Once specific accommodations are approved, the student is the only one who has the right to decline the use of them.
  • Provide additional accommodations for which you have not received documentation from the SDS office. Some students may choose to bypass registering with the SDS office and attempt to arrange accommodations directly with you. Always refer these students to our office unless it is a modification you plan to offer to every student in your class.

Faculty Training:

SDS Staff:

Carrie Williams, Director
(903) 886-5835

Heaven Dunn, Student Disability Case Manager 
(903) 886-5929

Yensina Reese, Student Disability Case Manager 
(903) 886-5931

Mendy McPeters, Administrative Coordinator 
(903) 886-5930

Emmett Shankle, Testing Facilitator / Assistive Technology Coordinator 
(903) 886-5173

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