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Directory Information

Student record information is confidential and private. In accordance with both federal law (FERPA) and University policy, the University does not release student record information without prior written consent. An exception to this is that the University may release the following "directory information" items without prior student consent:

  1. Name
  2. Address (all, including email)
  3. Telephone number
  4. Date/Place of Birth
  5. Enrollment Status
  6. Class Standing
  7. Date(s) of Attendance
  8. Date of Graduation
  9. Degrees/Honors/Awards Received
  10. Major
  11. Most Recent Institution Attended
  12. Sports Participation
  13. Weight/Height of Student Athletes

To Withhold Directory Information

All students may request that directory information not be released publicly. This is an important student privilege that results in the following:

  • Your name will not appear in the commencement program.
  • Verification of enrollment, graduation, or degrees awarded will not be provided to third parties, including potential employers.
  • No information will be released to any person on the telephone or via e-mail.
  • Address changes must be made by the student only. You may change your address in person at the Office of the Registrar or complete the Address Change form.

To request that the Office of the Registrar withhold your directory information, students must complete and sign the Request to Withhold Directory Information Form.

To Release Directory Information

To reverse the action of withholding directory information, the student must complete and sign the Request to Release Directory Information Form.

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