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Templates & Guides

The following templates and guides will assist you in organizing and formatting your manuscript according to Graduate School guidelines. Please remember, the templates are examples! Work with your advisor and your department to determine what headings and organization best serves the purpose of your paper.

The guides will indicate which sections must match the templates and you only need to give pertinent information in the relevant section(s). *Redundancy is confusing to readers and unnecessary. Please try to limit repetition of ideas and/or information to keep your writing clear, precise, and interesting.

Thesis Template & Thesis Formatting Guide

Dissertation Template & Dissertation Formatting Guide

LaTex Template (template for papers dealing with scientific studies)

    Example of LaTex template document

Biology Thesis Template

Before submitting your proposal or final document, check your paper for correct formatting using the student checklist.

For questions or concerns regarding formatting, please contact Thesis and Dissertation Services in the Graduate School, (903)886-5968 or