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Math Question of the Week

This page is for the Math Question of the Week for University students only.

For the high school Question of the Week, please click here.

Math Question of the Week will be available on Monday morning of each week and is due to the MATH OFFICE (BIN 306) in person or by emailing no later than 5pm on the following Friday. If you email your solution, be sure to put "Math Question of the Week" in the subject line.

Click here to open the latest Question of the Week

Click here to see a list of solutions for past Question of the Week

More Information and Rules:

  • Students should submit their solution and all work on paper (scanned if sent via email) using the provided answer sheets. You may print the document linked here or use the paper copies located outside of BIN 301.
  • There will be a weekly drawing for a $10 prize for correct solutions.
  • The person that submits the greatest number of correct solutions per semester will receive a $500 scholarship.
    • If there is a tie, students will split the scholarship.
  • $10 prizes are redeemable on campus at Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, the Campus Bookstore, etc.
  • Rules subject to change by the Math Department without notice.
  • For more questions, please contact Laura Beene at