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Internship opportunities

The Guidelines for CSCI405 Undergraduate Internship Course:

  1. The internship course is for juniors and seniors only for credit hours from 1 CH to 3 SCH.
  2. The student needs to get pre-approval from the faculty advisor.
  3. The employment period should match with each long semester or full summer in length. For this purpose, the copy of contract needs to be submitted with employment date.
  4. The student needs to get support letter from work supervisor stating the period and type of work, how the work will help the student’s attainment of special technical skills in line with curriculum, and the draft schedule of work during the period.
  5. In all, contract letter copy, faculty advisor approval, and supervisor support letter must be submitted to Department Admin, Nicole Jones, for departmental review and approval.

From time to time, we receive requests for interns from industry professionals. Below are the internship requests that we have received: