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Graduate Programs 

The graduate programs in the Department of Political Science are research intensive to provide students with the necessary skills to continue into more advanced graduate work (a Ph.D. or other doctoral program) as well as for success in any career the student seeks upon completion of the master’s degree. 

Students work closely with content area specialists to examine key issues in domestic and international politics from substantive and policy perspectives and in relation to scholarly and theoretical models.  In addition, students in the political science programs at A&M-Commerce gain an understanding of the historical exploration of human nature that lies at the heart of theories of politics. 

Master’s Degree Program Plans

(Option I) 

M.A./M.S. in Political Science with Thesis (30sch)

o     30sch program that includes a 3-6sch thesis (PSCI 518)

(Option II) 

M.A./M.S. in Political Science Non-Thesis (36sch)

o     36sch program that includes a 3sch non-thesis research project (PSCI 595)

o     Includes a comprehensive oral exam.

(Option III) 

M.S. in Political Science with History Track (36sch)

o     18sch in graduate Political Science courses and 18sch in graduate History courses

o     Non-thesis

Graduate Certificate

May be earned in conjunction with the degree options listed above. Be sure to consult with your academic advisor if you are interested in a Graduate Certificate. 

o     Holocaust Studies (12sch) offered by Department of Political Science 

For more information or any questions, please contact Dr. Jeffrey Herndon, Associate Professor and Department Head

Link to the Application and Information is here.

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