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Student sitting in the music building with his trombone
Front shot of the NEW music building
Jennifer Mendez, student clarinet player
Percussion Ensemble outside of the NEW music building
Luis Sanchez, Piano and Keyboarding Professor
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Tuba/Euphonium Studio Audition Materials


How Do I Apply?

  • All state schools use the same general application. You'll want to apply to the university first with Apply Texas.
  • Once the university application is on file, you'll want to apply to the music department and reserve an audition date.

What Should I Prepare?

  • Audition material should consist of two contrasting works. All-state etudes, solos, and band/orchestra excerpts are recommended.
  • Candidates will be asked to perform at least three major scales from memory (two octaves preferred) and any minor scales that they may know.
  • There will be a sight-reading component.

Tips For a Successful Audition

  • Consider preparing material that presents you in the best possible way. Play music that you want to play rather than what you think the committee wants to hear.
  • Be musical, show us what you can do, it's okay if you make a mistake! We are looking for inspired musicians rather than technical wizards.
  • Dress like a professional, your appearance is a direct reflection of you; consequently, your appearance can say a lot about your attitude and aptitude. Remember, this is our first and possibly only impression of you.

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